Board Meeting (Agenda)

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Friday, December 31, 2021 - 7:15pm


Regular Monthly Board Meeting

Location: Board Conference Room

1. Meeting Opening

A. Call to Order
B. Pledge of Allegiance
C. Roll Call
D. Recognition of Visitors and Public Participation
E. Approval of any Amendments to the Agenda

2. Consent Agenda

A. Consider/Approve Regular Meeting Minutes of prior meeting
B. Consider/Approve Closed Session Minutes of prior meeting
C. Consider/Approve Second Reading of Board Policy 2:10
E. Consider/Approve subscribing to schoolboardnet

3. Personnel Consent Agenda

A. Employment Matters
B. Resignations/Leaves

4. Superintendent Report including Action Items

A. Budget Impact of General State Aid Pro-ration
B. Overview of Administrator Utilization

5. Board Member Updates

A. Annual Nurse’s Report to the Board
B. Annual Board Presentations Calendar
C. Community Engagement Master Planning
D. Board Goal-Setting Workshop

6. Adjourn

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